Conference Committee

Prof. Marek Konarzewski, University of Bialystok, Chairman of the Organizing Committee,
Dr hab. Aneta Książek, University of Bialystok,
Prof. Ewa Łukaszewicz, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences,
Dr Dorota Merta, Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection, Institute of Biology, Pedagogical University of Cracow,
Mgr inż. Dorota Ławreszuk, Gleboki Brod Forest District, University of Bialystok,
Dr hab. Robert Rutkowski, Museum and Institute of Zoology, Polish Academy of Sciences,
Dr Michael Schroeder IUCN, Washington Dep. of Fish and Wildlife, USA,
Prof. Ilse Storch, University of Freiburg, Germany,
Prof. Adam Zięcik, Division of Polish Academy of Sciences in Białystok and Olsztyn,
Zenon Rzońca, Retired head of Capercaillie Breeding Center in the Leżajsk Forest District – Polish State Forests,
mgr inż. Piotr Karnasiewicz, Head of Głęboki Bród Forest District,