Travel by train to Białystok

Dear IGS Participants,

If you plan to travel by train from Warsaw to Białystok, please take into account that due to the modernization of the Warsaw railway, there are some communication difficulties. Therefore, the most optimal connection to Białystok starts from the “Warszawa Gdańska” station. Direct trains to Białystok from Warszawa Gdańska depart at 7:25, 9:26, 11:38, 13:26, 16:37, 18:28, and 20:27. To get to Warszawa Gdańska, you can take a bus to the city center (i.e., 148, 175) and transfer to the subway (line M1).

Buses to Białystok also connect directly from Warsaw Airport. We have listed bus connections here:

We hope you’ll have a safe and pleasant journey. See you soon!